Privacy Policy

Our Guarantee of Privacy

Any utilization of our website made by the customer is automatically deemed as their approval of our privacy policy and collection as well as the use of the information provided by them.

Our company is a firm believer in protecting the privacy of our users and customers. Any information provided to us by our users will be safeguarded; we hold firm morals and maintain a sense of trust that allows our users to be comfortable sharing their information with us.

Information gathered during processing of the order, or any other task should never be revealed, circulated or sold to anyone. This information will only be relayed to the concerned departments within our company such as customer service, contacts, processing, and shipping, etc.

There is a strict clause in our policy prohibiting the responsibility of any information provided by children. We do not ask for any information from them neither is our website created to be utilized by children.

It is to be understood that we will be forced to reveal any of the information you have provided if we are obligated by law or wish to protect our company and the safety of it as well as our other customers along with when you have permitted us. We are also at liberty to use your information or reveal it in the case of a court order, legal processing or judicial matters.

Collection of Information

Following we have detailed our process of gathering information. Many departments within our company require the information of the user. The information gathered by them and provided by our users is safely logged away in files that consist of the user’s domain name, the version, and name of their browser, IP address, date or time of the visit of the user, amount of clicks, referring. Or exit web pages and lastly geographic information for the guidance and data of our company. Email address is not added to these log files.

In contrast to the information mentioned above, the voluntary and willing information provided by our clients includes their names, phone numbers, and Email address, shipping address and business or personal information. Obviously, in order to fulfill your purchase, you will have to provide us with your credit card information or account number. Similarly, when you agree to provide this information, you also approve of us sharing this information with service providers and others such as banks, credit card or shipment companies. The above-mentioned information will also be utilized in order to charge you for the cost of the products you have purchased or services that you have requested for.

You will be given the liberty to make amendments to this information at any point you want.

The Custom Box Packaging wants its users to stay rest assured and know that we do not ever reveal, spread or sell the information of our users to anyone else. The information provided may be utilized to market and enhance our website, products or services. Aside from this, the information is also brought into use when we want to notify our users about website knowledge and updates notable by users. In case you wish not to receive such updates and marketing details, contact us at our provided email, and we shall rectify this.


Our company takes matters of security and protection extremely seriously. We take every possible action we can to ensure the safety of the information provided by our users. Moreover, firewalls are placed to prohibit any access to our website or the information of our users by a source that isn’t authenticated. Access to the information of the users is not allowed within the premises of our offices.

We make use of the well-known SSL encryption also known as Secure Socket Layer. It is the best and greatest form of security of data that is transferred through the internet. Even with all our safeguards, no information can be truly kept private or safe on the internet. Thus we urge our clients to use their precaution and safety methods. Our company cannot guarantee the absolute protection of your information.

Business Alterations

It is to be noted that your information will be revealed in case our company suffers through bankruptcy or is sold, merged and transferring its assets to someone else.


Users should know that cookies are programmed sets of data that has been kept within your computer for some time of period by our company. A cookie permits the company to identify you by matching your information that is stored in our servers. It is important to know that our website will not be functional to you if your cookies are disabled. Customers have the freedom to remove these cookies from their usable browsers by following a set of instructions that can be found on the internet. We want our users to know that we make use of cookies to enhance your experience of our website.


The Custom Box Packaging has associated links on our websites. It is to be noted that any information provided to these sites is not going to be protected by us. We do not owe it to the client to protect their privacy when they visit these sites. Those websites are sure to have their privacy policy, and the users should read those before leaving our site and making way to them.

This privacy policy is exclusively for our own company.

We deliver what we promise.