Terms and Conditions


The use of our website entails your agreement that every piece of text, data, software, photographs, graphics, images, illustrations, maps, designs, icons and other items that are filed under the term “Our Website Content” is the property of “The Custom Box Packaging” as well as the providers of these items outside of our company. Any modification, copying, rewriting, transmission, publication, distribution or use of the contents of our Website is absolutely banished, illegal and forbidden, as far as the individual has not received permission from us.

The Custom Box Packaging holds we own every copyright of the entire stock of products made available on our website as well as the designs and details of these products. We are in possession of these materials and do not plan on selling them or disclosing their details to anyone else. Any designs on products you upload are at liberty of being used by our company in the case of display images and free samples.

Return and Refund Policy

We request that in case you receive a damaged product or a product that is not according to your instructions, it is imperative you inform us about it within a period of 2-3 working days. It is not possible for us to refund you for your product, but we will be fixing it and reprinting your package by your wishes. Any damage or defect shall be fixed. It will be our choice and decision to determine if the product you have contacted us about is eligible enough as a damaged or defective product or not.

The process of reprinting or fixing of your package includes the submission of photos captured digitally detailing the defect or misprinting in your original order. Your order must be mailed back to us within 7 working days, and the expenses of this return shall be your responsibility. Any emergency order charges are not negotiable for refunds.

Payment, Order Placement and Cancellations

It is essential to note that the creation of your order will not begin until the entire payment has been submitted in full amount whether by credit card or other methods of payment listed on our website. The payment should include all charges such as the cost of product, taxes, shipping prices, and handling fees. This step has been taken to ensure none of our products go to waste seeing as their fragile customization is specified to a single customer only.

In the process of placing your order, we urge our customers to agree to the proof of the printing and other products and services we offer. This proof includes electronic file or a hard copy. Only after this step, the printing is forwarded to the press department. Please note that you will not be allowed to make any changes to a product, specifications, artwork or timing once the order has been confirmed by the customer and forwarded to press.

A customer will receive a very minimal time of four hours to cancel their order after its approval but it should be kept in mind that such an act will require extra charges especially if the customer decides to cancel their order after 24 hours they will still be charged 50% of the original cost as a compensation for our hard work and materials expended within different departments. There will also be no absoluteness provided that your request for order cancellation will be accepted. The company holds the liberty to reject the cancellation of an order if they so desire.

Changes to “Terms and Conditions”

The company holds all rights to any changes made to the Terms and Conditions or other portions of the website. The company will not be held responsible if the users are notified of these alterations or not. Any amendments made will be put into effect at a moment’s notice and shall be updated whenever the company deems fit. In case of your consistent use of the website, you will automatically be taken to believe aware of any changes made.

For any further inquiries do not hesitate to contact our customer support that is available 24/7 for the convenience of our customers and users.

We deliver what we promise.